Monday, 31 December 2018

Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell

This book just ended! Oh God! Why did this book have to end? If this book were a down comforter, I would lie down in it all day. I would love to come back to it after a long, tiring day and hide within its folds and fall asleep holding it close. It's warm, its cost, it's all things good.
Goodness! Biting my nails off! What did she say? What were the three words? I did not want to let go. What a book, after such a long time!

Friday, 28 December 2018

Portuguese Irregular Verbs - Alexander McCall Smith

Picked this up at the used books sale because I am a big time fan of the author. They say books say a lot about the writer. However, McCall Smith has chosen to go beyond the obvious and change rack in this one. Extremely hilarious, rantings about a certain von Igelfeld.
Apart from the part where describes Indian names, and the sad state of Goa (I was deeply saddened by the inappropriateness - what kind of Punjabi name is Janiwandillannah Krishnamurti Singh!!! Preposterous!), the book gave me a Wodehouse-ean feel. Well written.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Railonama - Anupama Sharma

Train journeys hold a lot of nostalgic memories for the people born in the early eighties and before...To the rest, the world had already become a fast-paced place where speed was the order of the day. Traveling by train, with families, as children, and then later, with friends on that first journey to college or the first study-tour or solo trip away from home...all that fills the mind with myriad stories, some of which are etched in our minds, some that we might have forgotten. However, the feeling remains. The heady smell of trains, the people who travel with you, the butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach just before the start of your journey, everything just adds to the fun...
Railonama is a collection of such stories collected from various individuals sharing the experience which stayed with them across the years. Through this book, we get to relive that journey with them...

Thursday, 6 December 2018


Like an answer to my unsaid prayer
Like a burst of fresh breeze
Like a relief to weary feet
Like a sparkle of hope
Shimmering on the horizon
You stepped in uninvited
Made yourself at home
Like you belonged here all along
And claimed me for your own.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Heads You Win - Jeffrey Archer

How far how can you go for power? How far can you flee from people who are willing to go to the ends of the of world to have you killed?
A teenager's life changes under power-hungry Russian dictatorship from where he had to flee with his mother after his father was murdered. Possible alternatives. Where does he land? What life does he see? Can we experience a butterfly effect here? A story which will make your head spin, and how!
Can you live your life achieving success, great success, but in the back of your mind, the fear of the KGB catching up very fresh in the mind. Can you live a similar life full of terror? How would it all end? Who is the friend, and who the enemy? Wonderfully crafted into a web promising to encompass you into its fold. Who do you trust?
Archer has split the story into two possible alternatives and brought it all together in the end to give the reader goosebumps for a long time after.
Archer at his usual best. Although the book gave me the feels of Clifton chronicles, the man is master of his own trade. Gripping, and a real page turner. One of the rare books which will keep you awake the whole night, and the next day, if you haven't finished reading it yet. 

Monday, 19 November 2018

Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

What if somebody derived pleasure off murder? What if killing somebody became a fetish? What if that fetish doubled up with framing somebody you absolutely hate? Would you risk yourself getting into such a situation? Is the hate worth destroying your whole life over? And what if that somebody turned out to be ex-army, ex-boxer and a highly skilled detective? Welcome yourself into the labyrinthine world of murder, thrill and deceit. Good lucking finding whodunnit...

Monday, 12 November 2018

It Was Meant To Be

They were friends since high school. It was not love at first sight. They became good friends with time. Love blossomed gradually in her, only she didn’t realise it.
One day, he introduced his best friend to her. The best friend fell in love with her, and as is obvious, expressed his love to her. Only not directly, but through a card, which ‘he’ came to hand over to her. That’s when she realised she hoped it had been him, and not the best friend, who meant those three words written on the card. She, of course, returned the card, with a firm no and deep disappointment.
They finished high school. Nobody said a word. They went their ways. She studied graduation and he went abroad. They lost touch. She found somebody in college. A couple of years later, when he returned home, one day he came to meet her. She was elated, yet nervous. She was surprised she still felt for him the same way. Yet again, she could not say a word. She was already with somebody else. Moreover, she was sure he did not feel the same. Why else would he have acted as mediator to his best friend all those years ago?
However, they talked for a while, and then he went his way. Later, she received a text from him expressing how he enjoyed talking to her and claiming his love for her. He explained how he could not profess his love all those years ago as he had to respect his best friend’s feelings and did not want to get in the way (typical Bollywood style). She read the text elated, scared, nervous. She was already with somebody, and this seemed like cheating. She blocked his number. They again lost touch for a couple of years.
Time went by; she had now completed her studies and was working with a media company. One fine day, she came across his profile on social media. With trembling hands, she sent him an add request. He accepted it almost immediately. They exchanged numbers and began talking. The talks just would not end.
Heaven only knows what they talked about but you could see her on the phone all the while chatting, giggling, and talking to him. He made her happy like no other. Yet there was one complication. She was still with the guy from her graduation days. So neither he nor she made an initiation about their feelings from years ago, which was still very much existent. Yet they could not stop talking to each other.
However, there was this niggling feeling inside her that she was probably cheating the guy she was with. She had to confront her feelings and figure out what was happening to her. She decided to speak about this to ‘him’. He was her best friend. He always meant well for her. He would suggest something that was good for her.
It was also time to confront her feelings about which she had never done till date. But how could she break this news to her boyfriend? How could she hurt him by saying that she was in love with another guy, and had been so for the last so many years? Nevertheless, she could not stay with one person and love another. Mustering all her courage, she confronted him. Things ended on a bitter note, but they ended nonetheless.
It was finally time to tell ‘him’ how she actually felt about him. He had no idea. He was in a different city for the week. She tried his number. The call went to voicemail. She tried contacting him for the next few days, but could not. Now she was extremely worried. A few days later news reached her through a common friend that ‘he’ had been through an accident, and suffered severe injury to the head, and was admitted in the hospital. She rushed to meet him. When she saw him, covered in all those bandages, her heart went out to him. She went closer, sat next to him, and called out his name. He opened his eyes, looked into hers, but there was no recognition whatsoever.
The doctor later informed her that the brain injury had led to complete memory loss, and he remembers nothing apart from the first five years of his life. She was shattered. How could she have let him be away from her for so long? This was meant to be...
Things don’t always turn out the way we expect them to. Yes, this was exactly how it was meant to be....